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Name:High-Speed winding machine
Category: Fully Automatic Winding Machine Series
Product details

This fully automatic high speed thread winder is newly developed by our company. This machine adopts pneumatically operated auto bobbin feeder, doffing system and direct thread guidance system by high speed slit drum which is specially hardended and polished. It features as high speed, low noise, no damage to the yarn, long life, etc.

Basic Machine:

* Single end creel
* Loop catcher
* Yarn sensor
* Accurate length measuring system
* Slit drum; easy for maintenance and clear the wrapped thread.
* Electro-magnetic tensioner controlled precisedly and automatically by a computer to ensure consistent tension release throughout the winding.
* Electronic crossing adjustment program; Stepless setting of the crossing, fine resolution enabling the adjustment of the thread distance.
* Automatic doffing system for fast and safe automatic bobbin exchange.
* Automatic yarn end tuck-in; after winding the yarn end is drawn underneath the last package layer.
* Machine terminal with touch screen display, for central input and setting of all winding parameters. With memory and download function, as well as shift monitoring.

* Oil roller applicator
* Precision lube applicator

The main technical parameters:

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