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Name:heating oiling winding machine
Category: Cone Winding Machine Series
Product details

According to the problem that traditional winding mechine can not heating oiling (waxing),long tank heating oiling device has been successfully researched and developed by our company in 2009.This device is equipped with the adjustable temperature control instrument, and it uses adjustable speed motor to control the rotation speed of the oil wheel,so that to control the oiling quantity.

Basic configuration of the machine:
It is equipped with the new generation electronic counter to measuring length or circle accurately
It is equipped with the thread break auto-stop device
It is equipped with the electron tension
It is equipped with the disconnecting automatic memory function
It is equipped with the long tank heating oiling system

Optional configuration:
Loop catcher
Upper tray and belt cover

Loop catcher

The main technical parameters:

型号 Model




H    (英寸 INCH)

2”    ~ 8”

2” ~ 8”

2” ~ 8”

每台锭子数 No of spindles




每锭线团数 Cone for each spindle




绕线长度 Thread Length


电动机 Motor

380V/220V 50Hz 180W×6

机器体积 Machine dimension

2.18ML×0.75MW×1.08MH / 2.18ML×0.80MW×1.08MH

机器重量 Weight of the machine

450kg / 500kg

包装箱体积 Packing dimension

2.20ML×0.85MW×1.10MH / 2.20ML×0.90MW×1.10MH

总重量 Total Weight

500kg / 550kg

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