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Name:winding machine parts
Model:YF-H(原YF-C) 型
Category: Accessories and Ancillary Equipment
Product details

YF-H(原YF-C) 型绕线机配件 winding machine parts  

C-30   回线紧圈轴(Loop shrunk ring shaft)C-31 回线紧圈(Loop retaining ring)C-32 五档上油斗(Five-stage oiling cup)
C-24A 夹线板总成固定脚(Thread gripper plate retaining foot)C-23 绝缘板(Insulation plate)C-36 夹线板总��成(Thread gripper plate combined    parts)

C-21 引线板(Lead wire plate)

C-22 接触片(Contact sheet)



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